Electro-hydraulic Construction: electro-hydraulic steel cutting machine mainly consists of motor, hydraulic transmission, controls, fixed moving blades and other components. How it works: The motor drives the eccentric shaft rotates, the eccentric shaft eccentric face dismissal and plunger reciprocated it touches, so that produce high-pressure piston pump oil into the dasion 6 tons concrete mixer truck cylinder body, push the piston within the cylinder, the movable blade driven forward, and fixed on a support fixed with the wrong blade and cut steel. Manual hydraulic Construction: Hydraulic system manual hydraulic steel cutting machine by the piston, the piston, cylinder, lever, pull the pin, the return spring, storage drums and discharge, suction valves and other components. How it works: First drain valve clockwise and tighten, lift lever, namely the plunger lift, suction valve is opened, the hydraulic oil into the oil chamber; lift struts, hydraulic oil into the cylinder chamber is compressed, thereby push the piston forward, mounted in front of the piston moving knife can feed off. Immediately after blanking open valve 12cbm dasion concrete mixer truck counter-clockwise rotation, in return spring, oil has to flow back pressure oil chamber, the cutter will automatically retract cylinder. Again and again, were cut tendons. For a variety of cut ordinary carbon steel, hot rolled round bar, rebar, flat steel, square steel construction works. Off round: (Q235-A) Diameter: (Φ6-Φ40) mm Cut flat maximum size: (70x15) mm Cut square steel: (Q235-A) Maximum size: (32x32) mm Cutting angle maximum size: (50x50) mm